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July 2013



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Jul. 6th, 2013

Dream dresses

honeypicnic3109P213-n137218-b137225-sxWonderPartyShirringJSK-brown_0Jewel Ribbon Tiered JSK

Jun. 19th, 2013

Trade Info

  • Am only trading within the USA

  • Am open to all offers

  • Ship from Oregon

  • Shipping must have tracking

Looking for more mature, classical or gothic. Am also interested in Mori and Steampunk styles.They must be able to fit the size listed below.

My items for sale/trade http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/21419956.html

My size is:


I'd like if the measurements are OVER mine so I know they will fit comfortably. I don't like tight clothing.


~All white
~Old school
~Religious symbols
~Low collars
~Cap sleeves
~Short dresses


~Purples, blues, reds and greens (Gray and black are good too!)
~High collars
~Long sleeves
~Long dresses

I am interested in replicas, off brand (No Bodyline.) and Indie brands.

Apr. 20th, 2013

Wishlist pt.2 Off-brand

More dresses! Still trading my Btssb Starlit Sky JSK! I will consider other items not shown here or on my other list. I will be making alist of other items, besides dresses that I may be interested in.

Milky Ange:



The re-sale is fine too. Size must be an XL though.

Ruby (One-piece)


Will be updated later on as I find more to add.

Mar. 19th, 2013

(no subject)

I urgently need to sell these items before March 27th. I'm willing to take offers and lower prices a bit. If you order two or more I will give you a discount (Wig not included in that offer) Since I already have a large box for them to be shipped in. Shipping is NOT included in the prices and range from $6 to $16. Depending on weight and what box they fit into. I am not doing trades, this may change. I will not be able to do holds.


~USA only

~I only use flat rate boxes from USPS

~Items will be shipped within one-three days after full payment

~I'm not responsible for the package after it is shipped

~Tracking costs extra for flat rate.


FanPlusFriend sweet lolita discontinued detachable bowknots JSK.



~Four detachable matching bows

~ Ribbon/cord for back and front

~Attached underskirt with lace

~Has pockets!

Has no stains, tears or rips. Like new. Bought for $105 during last year's new year sales on F+F site. Needs to go ASAP!  Size: F+F 95 (42in/107cm) If you want my measurements or more please just ask and I'll give them to you. I would say 42 in bust is the MAX. It fits perfectly and can be worn with a shirt under and it still being comfortable. Worn twice.

Price: $75 OBO

FanPlusFriend gothic lolita long sleeves trench coat&cape


Never used! Only tried on a few times. Too tight, wont close over my bust. Beautiful coat perfect for spring and fall. No stains or tears, its never been worn. Lovely red color, lined inside. Has two working pockets on the front. With bow that can be unbutton on the back, also comes with matching cape. No missing buttons. I adore this coat but it just doesn't fit and I can't have it just sitting in my closet unused.

Size: I believe this is F+F size 80 (bust:98cm/38in.) If your bust is under 40in it will fit. My waist is 35 and it fits, just wont close on top.

I'm selling it for $100 or OBO.

Gothic Lolita Wigs' Ringlet Collection in Blonde


Never worn. Brand new without tags. Bought for an event, figuring the longer version wouldn't go on sale in time and of course right after I bought it, it came out. Came slightly frizzy but it even appears that way in the stock photo. Lovely wig, the curls are super bouncy and cute.

Will trade (Will pay for the extra) for a Ringlet Redux in Blonde.

Feel free to ask questions. More pictures upon request. I am willing to talk prices over. If I do not respond quick enough, please message me and I will answer as soon as I can. I have no pictures of either item being worn. So please do not ask for those. Thanks!

Mar. 4th, 2013

Lolita blog

I've decided since I have been on this site so often lately to use this blog for lolita fashion, reviews (Make-up, accessories, lolita sites,ect.) I've been getting more and more into this world of lace and frills lately and a few days ago my fiance bought me my first brand JSK from BABY, the Stars Shine Bright. This JSK I've been dreaming about for a while now, ever since I saw it a few months ago, around the time it came out.When I had finally gotten a seasonal job I decided I was going to use my first paycheck towards buying my dream JSK. But due to a mistake the manager made I was not given the full amount owed to me and I no longer had enough to buy my dream dress. The dress first came on sale during their winter sale on BABY's website. I knew right away I had to buy the navy version of this dress. So I started to sell items such as cosplaying and off-brand lolita, but soon the navy was sold out and before I knew it all of them were gone. I didn't check back for a while, giving up on the idea of being able to wear that dress until a few weeks ago when my fiance told me he wanted to buy me the dress for my twenty first birthday. Of course I was excited! But only the white version was in. I'm terrified of wearing white. It stains so easily and I would be too afraid to wear it on a normal mall trip, so it would be worn only to cons. He told me "Are you settling?" And I realized I was. So I waited. And then a black one was in! We did research about ordering from BABY since this was our first time and someone said to email them. Not telling everyone that is not for sale items. So we did and got a email back saying the item needed to be in the cart. But when we got to the site it wasn't working!
                                                                                            Starlit Sky

I became nervous that I had once again lost my chance of getting this dress. Finally BABY updated on FB about the site issues were due because of maintenance and it should be fixed by 6:00pm. So we waited, going about our days like normal. That evening around seven it was back up and running. I clicked the dress and there it was. The navy was in. My fiance quickly put it in the cart. The JSK was finally mine. We are still waiting for another email from them so we can pay.

Ever since I've been busy trying to find out what I should pair it with. So I started searching the web. Posted on GAIA online and figured out I'm going to go with a more classical style. I'll be using my brown lace up boots (Off-brand) and white tights, and my black blouse.

The other day I found a few things on ClosetChild I had to have for this outfit...okay just to have really. The hat fits in with the outfit quite well though.

Emily Temple Cute hat and BABY pearl bracelet. The total was only 28$!!!! I'm now obsessed with finding used brand goods. So call me a bargain lolita. I love brand and of course love the fact I'm the first owner of that JSK but there is this thrill about finding used brand for great prices! So I plan on finding a bag, a necklace and maybe a ring and another bracelet for my coord. I may wind up buying a off-white/white blouse too but I don't know yet.

Jan. 28th, 2012


Oh me gosh. An update. Yeah I don't use this any longer buuuuut for those interested I do own a blog all about writing and getting published. So if anyone even reads my old posts on this, please go to my new blog.


I may start using this again but only reviews and maybe random chatter about writing. I won't be posting any info about my projects here. I may also post my artwork. But I still don't know and may change it.